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The perfect pizza for your quick pace morning. Breakfast staples of egg, sausage and bacon. It’s breakfast pizza done right for the consumer on the go.

Want veggies with your breakfast pizza? Try our Denver Breakfast Pizza. Roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions team up with egg, sausage, bacon for a breakfast pizza you’ll come back for time and again.


Made fresh every morning just for you. Our sausage biscuit sandwich is just what you need to start your day.
Start your day off with our protein packed breaded chicken patty and freshly baked biscuit.
Egg and cheese it’s all you need. But when you bring it together with a freshly baked biscuit, it’s all you want.
Wake up with our scrumptious sausage and egg biscuit sandwich.
Change it up in the morning with a little ham!
Bacon and eggs in the morning surrounded by a freshly baked biscuit.
Our delicious biscuit with savory sausage, American cheese and egg in a sandwich perfect for the morning rush hour.
Rise and shine with this breakfast sandwich packed with ham, egg and American cheese.
A winning trio for breakfast on the go. Bacon, egg and American cheese placed in a freshly baked biscuit for convenience.
Hot Stuff Pizza® Breakfast Sandwiches also available in Croissants, English Muffins, and Bagels. Check your local Hot Stuff Pizza for more details.


Loaded with sausage, bacon, egg and finished with our delicious Jalapeño cheese sauce.
Why not add some veggies at breakfast? Our Denver Breakfast Burrito kicks healthy up a notch with the addition of onions and peppers to your breakfast favorites.
Make your morning brighter with some steak! Delicious egg, Jalapeño cheese sauce and protein packed steak wrapped to perfection in a tortilla.
Want potatoes with your breakfast? Then our Skillet Breakfast Burrito is for you! All the fixings of our Original Breakfast Burrito with light fluffy hash brown.
Looking for a little spice in the morning?  With chorizo smothered in Jalapeño cheese sauce and mixed with egg – it’s a breakfast that will get you fired up int he morning.


Take waking up to new heights with our Breakfast Quesadilla. A flour tortilla brings together breakfast sausage, egg, bacon and Jalapeño cheese sauce for your new breakfast favorite.


Make breakfast bite-sized with our indulgent Cinnobabies®. Freshly baked cinnamon flavored dough baked fresh every day and topped with our house made cream cheese icing.  Breakfast will never be the same.
Hot Stuff Pizza® Breakfast offerings are not available in all geographic locations. Check your local Hot Stuff Pizza® location for Menu Offerings.



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